World Arnold Chiari Malformation Association

How to Talk to Your Doctor

Establish better relationship with Doctor
primary care physician (FP, IM, peds)
specialists (ortho, neuro, PM&R, etc)

Maximize your office visit
what can be accomplished by phone or mail?

DO make lists of questions/concerns
realize you might not get to all items

DON'T have Doctor do lots of refills during your visit
waste of your and Doctor's time
can be done before, after, or by nurse

DO start visit with objectives you need. Doctors appreciate straight-forwardness.

DON'T schedule a regular visit if you have more than 2 complaints. If you need more than 10-15 minutes, schedule a long visit (30 minutes).

DO let your doctors know when they're successful in a treatment, because they usually only hear the failures. Doctors are human too.

DON'T forget your annual physical and prevention exams. Try not to discuss chronic conditions at these visits.

DO try to think like a doctor!

DON'T be too demanding this is a sure way to have a doctor NOT do what you want.

DO establish a good relationship with the doctor's front and back office staff.

DON'T wait until pain or problem is at a critical level doctors generally don't like their patients to have EMERGENCIES.

DO pick a doctor that you relate to, and who relates to you.

If on painkillers and you need monthly scripts,
DON'T have other doctors refill your med.
DON'T let your meds run out; call 2-5 days prior.
DON'T wait until you feel you will explode!

DO keep on top of your insurance situation:
amount of PT benefits
expensive tests
Gently remind Doctor if not covered.


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