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What are the symptoms? 


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Sometimes there are no symptoms.  In these cases
you probably do not need to be concerned. Sometimes a 
Chiari Malformation is just a note in your Medical record, 
and you don't need to worry about it. 

The major symptoms are headaches and neck pain.

Most commonly the other symptoms confirmed to be Chiari related are:
 dizziness, vertigo, loss of balance  visual disturbances, palpitations, 
sleep apnea, ringing in the ears, difficulty swallowing, impaired fine 
motor skills, chronic fatigue, muscle weakness and tingling or numbness in the 
hands and feet. 

Due to the complexity of symptoms, CM1 patients are often 
misdiagnosed by non-experts. 

To determine if you have a Chiari Malformation that needs treatment, 
you should consult someone who has a history of understanding Chiari 
Malformations, or visit our list of recommended Doctors at

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