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The World ACM Association's Support Group is by far the largest Chiari support group in the world. Join our group and converse with many others who may be experiencing some of the same symptoms, hardships, and triumphs that you are. We're growing everyday as more and more cases are diagnosed, and we're proud to acknowledge that we are making a difference in each other's lives.


If you're going to join in, and we hope that you do, please also read the e-mail etiquette guide for networked support groups & mailing lists. This is to prevent you from making embarrassing etiquette (or "beginners") errors. If you join the group, it will be assumed that you know and understand our group guidelines.

Please follow these instructions to become a group member.
1) Type your e-mail address in the box below.  2) Press the "Join Now" button.

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In a few minutes, you should receive an acknowledgement of your member status. Then you will start to receive group messages (in your e-mail) and you can post your own public messages at this address:

Note: If you are not subscribed to the group, you won't be able to post messages directly to us. You must be a group member to post messages in the public forum. This may take a couple hours on busy days. Chip, Ann and Sandi  (the group managers) can't always respond immediately, but they will always reply within 12  hours.

We look forward to having you aboard. Some members actively participate in discussions on a regular basis, while others are content just to observe. Either way is alright with us.

If you are interested in communicating with other Parents of chiari children, you can subscribe to our Parents group using the subscribe box below.

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 If you are interested in communicating with other "Chiari Kids" you can subscribe to our WACMA Kids group using the subscribe box below. This is intended for Kids and young adults only.

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