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 Symptom alleviation list by Mr. Bernard Meyer, WACMA Staff Member

  Chip's Chiari Pages  Actual surgery photos and success stories from Chip Vierow, former owner,  Staff Member and Support Group Leader.  Dedicated Service to WACMA from October 1996.  Chip became a heavenly angel on Nov. 6, 2008.

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Chiari Symptoms

The Chiari Institute

The Dangers of Chiropractic Manipulation

Rachelle Briant's Chiari Book The Angel Within Me for only $12.00

Anatomy section

Trauma Testimonials

Acquired ACM vs congenital


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Going to the Doctor

How to talk to your doctor

Going to see a specialist ? Travel Hints

Top questions to ask before surgery

What to bring to the hospital

Learning and Studies

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Dr Milhorat's Chiari Redefined Study

Studying genetic links to ACM: Duke University

Klekamp, Batzdorf, Samii, & Bothe: Surgical Treatment

Etiology and surgical outcome in Syringomyelia w/ACM1: A Clinical Evaluation

Diagnosis & surgical outcome - case study: Hearing loss and ACM

Information on Bovine Dural Grafts (and no "moo" jokes!)

Overview and definitions, by Lisa Struss


Pam's Household Hints for Chiarians

Scanning MRI Methods

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