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In honor of Chip, this page remains as he last updated it.  He became an angel in heaven on November 6, 2008.  (The full donor liver for the transplant was not available to him at the time he needed it.)  He died of NASH and he had struggled with end stage liver disease for some time.  Make note: Chip's liver condition had nothing to do with his Chiari Malformation. 

We honor his tireless dedication and commitment and "Fearless Leadership" to WACMA for over a decade.  We honor his goal to "Help More People" in the Chiari Community.  May we continue the mission with God's help. 

A Special Thank You to Sandi (Mrs. Chip) for your loving care-giving to Chip and for all that you brought to him in his life.  Thank you for continuing his legacy at WACMA and sharing his spirit with all of us.  Bless you, sister.  Love You! 

A Special Thank You to all the members of WACMA and your valuable contributions to other members and to the Chiari Community in general.  A personal thank you for being the most awesome group I know.  May you continue to have passion and to be inspired to help others as you go on your journeys.  May you walk with God, and be filled with love. 

                               "Always think positive and Never lose your sense of humor." 

                                                            Chip Vierow

                                                    (see photo in his EMT/Lower St. Croix Valley EMS suit below)

                             (We welcome you to join our support group at if you are not already a member!)

                                                        Ann Hood, Chiari Crusader (Chip's Big Sis)


Due to an upcoming transplant I will be going though
a lot of testing and Dr appointments these next few months
so please don't be offended if your e-mail doesn't get
answered. I suggest you write to the WACMA support
group or my Sister Ann at

 Thanks very much!
Chip 6-06-08

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   (These are real- if you might be bothered by them, you may want to skip this part..)
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For more information on Chiari, visit:

World Arnold-Chiari Malformation Association

  Thanks for stopping in.    - Chip  

* The medspeak description of the surgery is: a posterior fossa decompression with laminectomy of C1 and C2 and duraplasty.


Updated 2-6-08

� 2008 Chip Vierow

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