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The WACMA website is dedicated to the memory of Joshua Anderson and his grandmother Haydee Clark

Committed to the most accurate and current understanding of Chiari Malformations and treatments.

Our Mission Statement

Staffed by volunteers, the World Arnold Chiari Malformation Association is committed to providing support, current information, and understanding to those affected by the Arnold Chiari malformation and syringomyelia.

It is also our goal to raise the awareness of, and educate the medical community as to the complex nature of this disease and how it affects the lives of those who have it.

With the help of our members from around the world we hope to be able to provide further research into the areas of symptoms, diagnosis, treatment and outcomes related to ACM and syringomyelia.

We recognize the importance of linking patients, specialists, and researchers from around the world to improve our understanding of this disease and are committed to helping establish WACMA chapters across the globe.

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